Student Handbook and Calendar

School Calendar 2013-2014

September 3

School Begins

October 14

Columbus Day - OFF

November 11

Veteran's Day - OFF

November 27-29

Thanksgiving Break

December 2

Classes Resume

December 19 - January 1

Christmas Break

January 2

Classes Resume

January 20

Civil Right's Day - OFF

February 24 -28th

Winter Break

March 3

Classes Resume

April 21-25

Spring Break

April 28

Classes Resume

May 26

Memorial Day - OFF

June 4

Last Day of School

June 5


Marking Period Closing Dates

Academic Standards

Students must successfully complete 20 credits as required by the State of New Hampshire. This includes 4 credits of English, 3 credits of Mathematics, 2 credits of Science, 3 credits of Social Studies (two of which must be United States History and American Government), 1 credit of Computer and 1 credit of Health.

Grading System

VHS students will be graded on the following scale:

97 - 100% = A+ 94 - 96% = A 90 - 93% = A-
87 - 89% = B+ 84 - 86% = B 80 - 83% = B-
77 - 79% = C+ 74 - 76% = C 70 - 73% = C-
67 - 69% = D+ 64 - 66% = D 60 - 63% = D-
Below 60 = Failing W = Withdrawn I = Incomplete

Report Cards will be sent home one week after the close of each quarter (See enclosed school calendar marking period closing dates). A copy of the report card will be kept in the student's file.

Honor Roll

A student receives "Honors" for earning a 3.4 GPA, "High Honors" for a 3.8 GPA or above on his/her report card for a given quarter.

Student Employment

Every student 16 years and over must be employed and receive wages. Hours of employment are limited to 20 hours a week. Students 15 years of age can participate in the student work program with parental permission and completion of a NH Youth Employment Certificate.

Students are required to fill out a VHS Student Employment form that provides the name, address, phone number of the employer and their job responsibilities. All employment is verified and monitored by the VHS principal. A credit is given for Work Study, for every school year of participation.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

VHS does not schedule regular Parent/Teacher conferences, but the staff will be available to meet with Parents/Satudents if so desired to discuss their child's progress. Please call ahead to make an appointment.

Reference Requests

Students requiring academic or character references from VHS staff are asked to submit the request two weeks in advance of the due date. The student is to complete his or her portion of the related application before requesting that the staff member complete the recommendation. This includes references for school transfer, college admission, scholarships and job applications. The student should supply the staff member with necessary address and contact person. Please note: many institutions require confidential references.

Grievance Procedure

If a Parent and/or Student is dissatisfied with a classroom issue, they are encouraged to meet with the teacher privately to discuss the issue. If the situation has not been satisfactorily resolved, the student or parent is asked to meet with the VHS Principal. Policy matters, or those issues not pertaining to the classroom, should be presented to the Prinicpal. We are committed to listening to one another and strive to resolve all conflicts.


If a student must withdraw from VHS, a written notice must be submitted to the Principal two weeks in advance. If no notice is given, full tuition is expected until such notice is received. Student records will be forwarded to the new admitting school upon written request of that school, and that tuition payments are current.

Tuition and Fees Agreement

Parents and/or students enrolled at VHS must agree to the financial agreement. We ask that you make your tuition payments in a timely manner and that monthly payments are due by the 1st of the month; starting in September and ending with the final payment in May. Report cards WILL NOT be issued until tuition payments are current. Your child's records WILL NOT be released to another school until the balance is paid in full and participation in graduation and a diploma will not be issued unless the students account is paid.

VHS reserves the right to ask a student to leave at the quarter or semester due to non-payment of tuition and the student will not be allowed to return to school until payment is received in full


Students are required by law to attend school. VHS will meet attendacnce requirements of the State of New Hampshire. In order to mantain optimum academic performance, students need to be in class regularly.


The following procedures are to be followed in the event of a student absence, including a planned family vaction:

Parents need to notify the school in the event of a student's absence. (A message on the answering machine is sufficient). This aids in accounting for all students under the school's supervision. Students are required to make up work for absences.

A student will be considered "unexcused" if we do not receive notification within 24 hours from the parent's regarding their student's absence, and will receive "0" (zero) for the day in all classes.

Parents (not their student), need to notify the Principal directly at least two weeks before the student will be absent for a planned family vaction. All missed work during the vaction period MUST be completed BEFORE the student goes on their vacation.


Parents/Students need to notify the school in the event of the student's tardiness (A message on the answering machine is sufficient). Consequences for unexcused absences or tardiness:

1. If the student is exceptionally late (tardy) without parental notification to the school; the student will be required to remain afer class for how many minutes late.

2.Parents will be contacted

Early Dismissal

Appointments - Every effort should be made to schedule appointments outside of school hours. If it is necessary for a student to be dismissed early, he or she is to submit a note or a phone call from a parent explaining the reason.

School Cancellation

Cancelation of school due to inclement weather will be the same as public school or notification from VHS. We will be listed on CHANNEL 9 (WMUR).

Standards for Attire

In respect for others and the classroom environment, students are expected to wear clothing that is neither too tight nor too loose. Clothing that exposes the midriff or undergarments is NOT ALLOWED. Wording, logos, graphics, etc. that are part of students attire MUST NOT be offensive in nature or contain inappropriate advertising.

School Cancellation

Cancellation of school due to inclement weather will be the same as public school or notification from VHS. Will be listed on Channel (WMUR).

Student Conduct

Students will be encouraged to RESPECT themselves, each other, their parents, the faculty and staff, as well as the building itself.

The following conduct is not permitted:

  1. Physical interference with another student such as tripping, kicking, hitting, bumping, or poking.
  2. Defacing school or personal property of others; including bathrooms.
  3. Disrespect toward teachers or staff.
  4. Insults or unkindness toward other students.
  5. Swearing or vulgarity. (Devin)
  6. No squealing tires or loud revved engines allowed; as per Jaffrey Noise Ordinance. (Macky)
  7. Failing to follow handbook or classroom rules.
  8. Lack of common courtesy toward others.
  9. Disruptive or unsafe behavior.
  10. Romantic or sensual contact toward others. (Connor)
  11. NO SMOKING anywhere on school property, including the parking lot and bathrooms. (Jake Reed)

Consequences for the following:


  1. First offense- to remain after class an additional 15 minutes.
  2. Second and subsequent offenses- notify parent(s) and to remain after class an additional 30 minutes.


  1. First offense- notify parent(s) and to remain after class an additional 30 minutes.
  2. Second offense- EXPELLED


Students are to remain on school grounds at all times. This means in the school's designated parking lot and in the front of the Main entrance of the school. Students are NOT to be around any of the other buisinesses sharing this building.
  1. First offense- THE POLICE WILL BE CALLED

Items not to be brought to school at any time:

Cell Phones

VHS is a "NO CELL PHONE ZONE." All cell phones must be turned off and NO text messaging is allowed, during school hours. If a parent needs to contact their student, please call the school office phone.

Student phones that become a persistent problem, phones will be confiscated by the principal and parents will be called to pickup their students cell phone.

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